Twitter’s Free Playground

Ben Brooks says

All Twitter will be in a few months is Spammers, people following Bieber, and Kardashians. Yuck.

Maybe. So won’t have spammers because no spammer would pay $50/year. But here are some other accounts whose owners are unlikely to pay that subscription fee:

@Horse_ebooks (an actual spammer!)
@StealthMountain (a bot!)

These accounts are much more likely to be found on Twitter’s free playground than in’s walled garden. Free is not just a price. Free also enables some surprising sources of entertainment, however ephemeral. Free allows for risk-taking and creativity. Free allows for a potential large audience, even if that potential is rarely fully actualized. Free has costs, but it also has benefits that shouldn’t be forgotten.

I am not certainly defending Twitter wholesale. I am not being contrarian for contrarian’s sake either. I am just pointing out some things that get lost when the playground becomes a walled garden. How much they’re worth is up to you.

Feel free to talk to me on Twitter: @RagingTBolt.


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