The Awl presents a ravenous evisceration of that movie that most deserves ravenous evisceration–Crash. Just a few highlights:

It’s a neoliberal shitshow. Its moral being: if individuals stop being racist or, more specifically, stop committing egregiously racist acts, like acts that even your five-year-old cousin can identify as racist, then VOILA, racism is gone. And then there’s certainly no need for systemic change, or consideration of how systemic inequity has perpetuated racism between individuals.

Crash is one of those movies that when someone says it’s one of their favorites, I have no choice but to dislike them.

Crash fans also wade into the comments of news articles to take issue with referring to George Zimmerman as a murderer because “we don’t have all the facts yet” and pride themselves on their objectivity. Related: I am a monster.

Honestly, there are too many golden lines to blockquote. Go read it. I can only hope my writing will one day live up to these heights. (My only disappointment is somehow the authors failed to work in a David Brooks putdown. Too easy?)


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