Juxtaposition: App.net’s Chickens

A mantra of the Appleverse (popularized by Daring Fireball):

If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.

Dalton Caldwell of App.net, July 2012:

I have been working on a service called App.net for the past year. App.net is a paid service for mobile application developers.

Dalton Caldwell of App.net, February 2013:

Why now is the time to introduce a free tier

App.net was created to support and empower a vibrant ecosystem of applications built by 3rd-party developers. However, in the very beginning there was a significant chicken and egg problem: there were no 3rd-party apps. The good news is that at this point, the chicken-and-egg problem has been eliminated

You’re the chicken.


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