Juxtaposition: App Pricing

Lex Friedman (newly endorsed by Daring Fireball):

Developers are pricing their apps too cheaply, because that’s what they think people will actually pay.

Ben Thompson:

Most apps are cheap because they’re not special. It’s how markets work.

Stringer Bell:


3 thoughts on “Juxtaposition: App Pricing

  1. And the point is?
    I’m serious, I don’t get it. Some chap says apps are too cheap; other chap says they’re just as cheap as they should be; Gruber endorses the first, having a vested interest into his readers believing a 5$ pricetag for his about-to-lauch notes app is a reasonable price (and not too expensive).

    So? Anything new? Why the juxtaposition?

      • Ah, I get your point now.
        I still think that Gruber endorsed it out of personal interest – he needs to monetize the horde of followers by making them think that they are cheap if they feel 5$ is too much for Vesper

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