Distraction-Free Browsing

There are too many apps and posts about distraction-free writing. But what about distraction-free browsing?

If you’ve been longing for the days when you can read Daring Fireball without the annoyance of a browser menubar, help is here — in the form of a guest post from a reader who I’ll call “Dustin”.

0. install Firefox
1. install the latest nightly of Pentadactyl
2. type :se go=s
3. type :se showtabline=never
4. type :sty -A * .menulist-dropmarker,scrollbar{display:none;}
5. type :sty * #browser{margin:0 -1px;} #browser-bottombox{border:0!important;} #dactyl-completions-dactyl-statusline-field-commandline{border-top:0!important;}

Happy distraction-free browsing!


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