Notes for Apple Commentariat

Paul Krugman wrote up some notes for the Apple commentariat. Okay, he didn’t. But what he said easily applies.

My view, however, is that you don’t just want to look at whether people have been wrong; you want to ask how they respond when events don’t go the way they predicted.

After all, if you write about current affairs and you’re never wrong, you just aren’t sticking your neck out enough. Stuff happens, and sometimes it’s not the stuff you thought would happen.

So what do you do then? Do you claim that you never said what you said? Do you lash out at your critics and play victim? Or do you try to figure out what you got wrong and why, and revise your thinking accordingly?

Exercise for the reader: go to your favorite Appleverse sites and search for the phrase “I was wrong”; categorize them using the questions in that last paragraph quoted from Krugman. Post your results in the comments.

(Yes, I know I haven’t stuck my neck out lately either. Sorry.)


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