Fire Joe Morgan and Me

If I were to describe this blog in a pseudorandom sequence of words and punctuations, it would be: Fire Joe Morgan wannabe, but for tech, minus the funny.

To understand what that means, you’d have to know what Fire Joe Morgan is. Lucky for you, The Classical has just released a series of interviews with the Fire Joe Morgan guys on Fire Joe Morgan:

It is almost certainly the second best oral history of the year. (The best being, of course, the one on Freaks and Geeks.) There are so many good quotes, but here are two that are most relevant to why I write this blog (albeit rather infrequently).

the site became a little bit of … not only a defense of nerds in general and math in general and nerds in general and post-Francis Baconian thinking […] Let’s look at evidence, let’s use reason and logic. That’s all we’re asking, in some way.

Tech writing seems to be at where baseball writing was 16 years ago and where political writing was 4 years ago. There are plenty of opinions, but they seem to be rarely backed up by reasons — at least not good reasons. So one can still say 3.5-inch is the perfect size without considering variations in human physiology. And one can still say there is a paradox of choice without minimally consulting the empirical evidence. I am a nerd who gets defensive. I like evidence, and math, and reason, and logic.

I remember feeling that it was important to us that people knew that this was not a money-making venture for us. It was, like, a weird thing that we were just doing to do it. […] It was just for fun. That’s why it was fun, is because it was just for fun.

The last bit is very important to me. People have been (rightly) disparaging pageview journalism lately (again?). But the alternative commercial model I see — call it engagement writing — looks to be no better. (More on this in a future post, I hope.) So fuck commercial. If you have $5 / month to spare, put in a recurring donation to Against Malaria. Don’t give it to me, or to any other tech writer. Send me the Against Malaria receipts, if you want to make me happy.

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